Monday, April 29, 2013

Stella McCartney...I LOVE Your, FLOWERS!

I took a little trip to Atlanta with my mom this past weekend, had a BLAST of course and it wouldn't be a girl's trip without going to the mall...DUH!  There was this one store in Phipps Plaza called Jeffrey, VERY high-end I might add, that we stopped in, and everything was just so BEAUTIFUL and so COLORFUL and EXPENSIVE lol, but I mean, a girl can dream, a girl can put those purchases in the Universe and I called it...Imaginary Shopping *as the harp plays*

They had every designer from Balenciaga to Gucci to the woman of the blogpost, 
Browsing the racks, the blazer above, the Floral Jacquard Jacket, it just caught my eye and I fell in LOVE, I really did.  I think I like how girly it is, how so many combinations can be done with it, you can dress it up, dress it down, casual, dressy, just do A LOT with it.  I mean the colors ALONE, the pink, coral, peach, yellow, I mean it's a beautiful garden, perfect for the Spring, on a jacket!

The ONLY set back, the jacket...yeah, it costs a cooool $1,855.00 *sigh*
Which brings me back to Imaginary Shopping lol....but again, don't ya just LOVE the jacket?!
Either way, I DO!


M I N G said...

Atlanta has the best clothes and shopping other than Hawaii! lol I'm talking about in America that is. You can find a jacket similar to that at for 1/20 the price!! Lol

Chay Chay said...

Atlanta, LOVE that city...they have EVERYTHING! I went to Market and cleaned UP on purses, had a BLAST. LOVE visiting the "A"! I'll have to check out, you got me excited Ming girl lol

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