Sunday, January 13, 2013

Just A Scenario...

You've got the "man of your dreams", and when I say "man of your dreams" I mean:
  • cheated on you multiple times (through text, email, Twitter DMs, secret meet-ups), and really out of the MULTIPLE times over the YEARS you've only caught him TWICE
  • argues with you on social networks, for ALL to see, all while semi-flirting with other girls when he thinks you're not paying attention
it hurts you SO bad when he does the things he does, so bad you wanna give up, you tell EVERYBODY, you vent EVERYWHERE, you say to pretty much everyone and yourself, "It's OVER!", you wanna find that BETTER man that you know you REALLY deserve but CLEARLY in the back of your mind you know that this guy has such awesome positive qualities, you think of those instead of letting all those negative ones (see above) take over your mind.

So, you take him back, it's pretty much a cycle.  It happens OVER and OVER, for a good 2-3 years, maybe more.  You use every excuse to make yourself believe that he will change, when clearly, he hasn't if his bad habits happen OVER and OVER.  Oh, and this doesn't include the unfaithful moments that you DON'T know about SMH

Time goes by, everything seems cool, laid back, no drama, it's AAAAAAALL have the "perfect relationship" with the "perfect man" right?!  he pops the question, OMG!  This is what every woman hopes and dreams for, you're headed down the yellow brick road with Toto, The Scarecrow, The Tin Man, The Cowardly Lion and those pretty, shiny red shoes of yours, with a HUGE smile on your face.  LIFE IS GOOD! Right?


The thoughts still run through your head, you have the 1st instinct, that woman's instinct, so strong, usually ALWAYS right, but you  refuse to think that a man that just asked you one of the ultimate questions in life would STILL do you so wrong *side eye*.  Arguments still continue, sly, slick things still happen, BUT you're not trippin' CAUSE you're going to be his WIFE.  

SO, we fast forward, we move to the week of, you KNOW who you're about to marry, his past, his weaknesses, his patterns.  You're still young, a pretty girl, you can pull whoever you want really, but you choose to go with the one with the flaws.  

You start to think, you know he's not perfect, by ANY means, you know he did you so dirty, and that's just a couple of times that you know about.  Inside though, you're selfish, you don't want to see him have this beautiful matrimony with anyone but YOU.  NO matter what his past, or what he may do in the future, you will look like a fool with a DOG a** dude, rather than save your face and move on to something BETTER instead of settle.  You tell your friends only the GOOD about him, save yourself from being embarrassed the rest of your life possibly.  You're selfish, and this union is for life, but you don't want ANY other woman to get what you've been trying to be patient with for years...



S Jones Aka Shirley said...

Heck No! I wouldn't marry this person. If being in a relationship is already a task with this creep, marriage would be a whole other beast. After marriage you will no doubt be placed front, and center to witness his infidelities while living with him. Rings and marriage ceremonies will not change a person.

Nice post btw.

Ms. King said...

Wow, good question and a kinda hard one. It is hard to give up on someone/thing you have waited so diligently on. The easy answer would be to say no. But alot of women would go for it just for their endured hardship. Idk if I would do this if I knew he was cheating though. If he's not faithful before marriage you should know he probably wont be during marriage either.

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