Thursday, September 20, 2012

My NEW Favorite Show...Curvy Girls!!!

I was on Twitter last night, no surprise there (Follow Me: MsChay84) and I saw my girl Chastity of The Curvy Girl's Guide To Styletweeting and using the hashtag #CurvyGirls ... I was like, what is she watching?! Because the things she was Tweeting seemed juicy, interesting, entertaining and I wanted to be in on it too!
So she told me about his new show, on NuvoTV (which I had never heard of, an internet TV station) called Curvy Girls.  It's based around four plus-size girls, living in New York and L.A., trying to make it, survive and shine in the fashion industry, the fashion World, that is so used to the "skinny bitches" LoL
I absolutely LOVE the show! The girls are GORGEOUS! And I love that they're so comfortable in their skin and not afraid to step out and take a chance in such an judgmental industry.  I will be an avid watcher of this show EVERY week, PLEASE believe! 

CHECK OUT the 1st episode, which aired Tuesday at 9PM CST ... 

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Anonymous said...

Oh! I'm going to have to check this out! I've been really into webisodes lately so this seems right up my alley!

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