Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tia Mowry....Blonde OR Brunette?

I was watching The Wendy Williams Show the other night with my mom, she LOVES that show!
Tia Mowry happened to be one of her guests, she's SO cute, her laugh cracks me up! She brought her son Cree out as well, lookin' just like his handsome daddy....
She was sporting her new blonde hair color, which I must say, I wasn't very fond seemed to wash her out.  She looked so pale, and the blonde was like a SERIOUS blonde.  I'm WAY more fond of her being a brunette, it's so much more "Melanie Davis", ya know?!

What do y'all think?! Blonde OR Brunette?!

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Afrodeezha said...

Yeah, that pic isn't very flattering. Perhaps the blonde brought out the German in her?

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