Tuesday, May 29, 2012

NEW Video: Chris Brown ... "Sweet Love"

So you can change women's lives huh Chris?! Well alrighty THEN....*gives the sexy side-eye*

Chris is back, with yet ANOTHER video, lookin' just as good as he wanna look!
And of COURSE with a song called, "Sweet Love" you KNOW there's a scene where he's stripping his shirt off & making love to some pretty, exotic-looking girl, which I don't mind AT ALL lol (please excuse my "thirst in the post lol) but a man with SO much talent, a pretty smile, a nice body, and can move like HE does, I just can't help it y'all!!! Karrueche....you hold on to him ma'am!

Side Note: the girl in the beginning, well really the beginning AND the end, the MAIN chic, does she NOT look like, resemble Khloe Kardashian in the the face?  I think she does.

ANYWAYS....ENJOY the "eye candy"!!!

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