Monday, January 2, 2012

What Beyonce Is Bangin' In Her Ears

I was over at MissJia's humble abode today....and came across this lovely lady above, Ms. Beyonce!
(whom I might add is STILL with child lol....)
I honestly couldn't pick, cause I love music SO MUCH, but King Bey WAS able to pick some of her fave songs from 2011 that she likes to jam to...CHECK 'EM OUT

Big Sean featuring Nicki Minaj— “Dance (A$$)”...
(I do the left cheek, right cheek to this song ALL the time, LOVE IT!)
Future —”Tony Montana”
(brings the gangsta outta me lol)
Jay Z & Kanye West—”Ni**as in Paris”
(SONG OF THE YEAR....STILL goes hard in the club! BTW..check out the guy on the subway jammin' HARD to this, on YouTube)
Kelly Rowland—”Motivation”
( first, it was greatness, but I got sick of this song quick, fast and in a hurry)
Adele— “Someone Like You”
(AMAZING....speaks so many words in this song, Adele is THE TRUTH)
Drake—”The Motto”
Rihanna— “Man Down”
(I loved RiRi's red hair in this video...)
Justin Bieber and Chris Brown—”Look At Me Now”
("I ain' really mean to say On My D**k"....Breezy looked GOOD in this video!)
James Blake—”The Wilhelm Scream”
(I've never heard I come YouTube!)
Frank Ocean—”Novacane”
(his whole CD...JAMS!...very mellow, I like)

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