Monday, January 2, 2012


This year....I feel GREAT things about 2012!

I've NEVER felt this way about any other year, I've never said anything like
"This is gonna be a great year for me, and good things are going to happen!"
I feel that positive conclusions will come of things that I've been waiting on, I'm claiming all good things, I'm claiming HUGE, BIG changes for my family and myself, I just feel REALLY GOOD!  So good, that I plan on doing my first Vision Board.  If I see what I want in life, everyday when I wake up, I will be determined to work hard for it, and it WILL happen!

Lose about 30 lbs. or more...
Become a flight attendant....SWA, AA, Delta, I'm not picky AT ALL...
Pay off ALL my debt, credit cards mostly...
Blessed with a wonderful mate, a loving mate, and be engaged...

These are just a FEW things that I look forward to, that I am so excited about!
I'll keep y'all updated on it all, because trust AND believe, it's going to happen!

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