Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Chrissy Is FINALLY Engaged...Way To Go Jim!

Who watched last night's episode of Love & HipHop?!
Well, if you missed it, lemme catch you up on ONE AWKWARD moment lol
So, as y'all know, last season Chrissy asked Jim to marry her.  His response, "I'm Wit It" lol
or SOMETHING like that lol
ANYWAYS, this season, she has been pressuring him to give her a ring, act right, straighten up, all the things that a woman tells a man when she's not happy that he's not acting how SHE wants him to act.

Well, after stressing, crying, bitching, and just kinda fed up, Chrissy and the girls decide to take a vacay to Miami.  While they're at Prime, Jim shows up unexpectedly at asks to speak to Chrissy away from the table.  It was really weird, cause he seemed pissed that she went to Miami and got away.  So he pulls her aside and he starts to bitch at her and she's telling him how she feels and how frustrated she is, and if he doesn't get whats going on, there's a problem.

Then, he slowly pulls out a red box....it's the engagement ring that she's been dreaming of!
She is taken back, she's surprised, she's shocked, she's emotional, he totally tricked her.  Her reaction was so sweet, BUT...

Let's talk about Jim's actions lol SMH...
First he pulls the box out, shows her the ring, she takes it, and looks at it, STOP!
That's not it, that's not how it happens.
Chrissy looks at the ring in awe, because it is GORGEOUS and HUGE.
She proceeds to hand Jim the ring and ASKS HIM to put it on her hand, while he's standing up, not ONCE did he get down on one knee *blank stare*
Now that's just how I would want it...but clearly Chrissy is happy, so that's all that matters. She wanted her ring, she got it.

See for yourself....

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