Saturday, November 12, 2011

What's NEW? Victorian, High-Collared Blouses

My girl Ms. London & I did an early brunch today at Grand Lux Cafe at The Galleria Dallas and we decided to make a pit stop in Zara, just do a little window shopping, which we HATED...there was SO MUCH in there that we liked!  Well Zara usually doesn't have A LOT that I love, but this time, we couldn't stop saying, "OOOOH look at this, it's too cute!" Their Fall items are GREAT...but what we noticed A LOT of, is the VIctorian high-collared blouses.  Very classy, Very preppy, to me at least.  Take a look at some of the things we saw....


Now even though most of the blouses that we saw in the store, and pictured above, are button-ups and can be worn un-bottoned, it seems that this Fall, the way to wear them is buttoned ALL THE WAY UP.  I usually wouldn't wear my blouses like this, it seems like I'd be restricted, I mean because I like to show off what I'm blessed with, just a little bit lol...but I think I could definitely do this look, and rock it WELL!

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