Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kourtney & Kim Take New York....What'd YOU Think?!

it DID premiere tonight, and I had NO idea.  My mom flipped it on there and we started watching it....and just from tonight's episode, I WILL be tuning in all season.  My thoughts on the whole situation, just TOO DAMN MUCH going on!
Under one roof: Kim, Kris, baby Mason, Scott & Kourtney *blank stare*
That is too many people under one freakin' roof...especially with two of them being newlyweds!
First of all, Kris & Kim have never lived together as a married couple had never lived together as a married couple.  So for them to be living together for the first time WITH Kourtney, Scott & baby Mason as their roommates, that's not a great way to start things off.
The tension in the house was THICK....arguing over little, tiny dumb things, not being able to eat what they wanted because Kourtney is trying to push this healthy, organic, lifestyle on everyone, the baby is always Kourtney's main focus, she's so consumed in JUST HIM, and totally forgets about Scott lol (I don't care for his stuck up ass at all, so it really didn't matter to me).  Oh and to top it off, Kourtney and Mason sleep in one room, and Scott has to sleep in another room, ALONE!  That is just too weird for me, like WTF?!
Something that really made me think in this first episode, and I totally sided with Kris OVER Kim:  Kourtney participates in naked yoga.  So, she invited Kim and some of their girls to participate in a class, AT THEIR HOUSE! That was the first mistake.  The class starts, everyone is doing the different positions, everything is fine and dandy, UNTIL, the Rastafarian instructor steps on up out of his underwear LMAO....ALL the girls die laughing, as I would too!  He was too comfy, walkin' around, just slangin' EVERYWHERE lol.  The girls couldn't even concentrate, and when I say that, I mean that  in a bad way.  Next thing you know, Kris walks in and he sees the instructor.  Butt, booty ass NAKED!  Now, he is walking into HIS house, and sees a NAKED man, and his wife and other women in the room in awkward positions.  In MY opinion, I would have gone the hell off too, like WTF?!  Kris was pretty upset because he had no warning of any sort, NOTHING!  Kim was upset because of how he reacted.....WHY KIM?!  He had EVERY REASON to react like that, I mean REALLY?!  smh....
For the first episode, there was a lot that you see wrong, a lot that you see is going to go wrong, just too much to even mention in one post lol...I will be coming with more posts about this season, because this season IS leading up to the 72 day marriage then divorce of Kim & Kris.  Should be interesting.

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