Friday, September 30, 2011

I WANT The Marty McFly's!

1. Kid Kudi is just as handsome as he wants to be (those jeans were a little too snug)
2.  I started liking him even MORE when I saw him in that Thriller red jacket in the "All of the Lights" video...he was SO hot!
3.  I NEED those Marty McFly's in my life, they're just TOO FREAKIN' COOL!
4.  For $4,00 PLUS though...
Kid Cudi & his girl can keep rockin' the HELL out of them bitches lol


Madame: The Journey said...

$4,000? For that price I'm gon' need for them to literally take me back to the future or at least make me levitate. Ch...

Chay Chay said...

LoL....that is RIDICULOUS!
they look SO COOL though, I LOVE THEM

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