Friday, August 26, 2011

Argan Oil....the NEW CRAZE?!

Browsing around on Twitter of course, oh yeah follow me @MsChay84, and I come across a Tweet "Argan oil = the new craze" my mind starts to wander, "What is this I hear of? Argan oil?" I guess I'm late about it, cause people were coming at me left and right saying how great it is, and what all it does LoL...OOPS!  

I just started to look up things about it today, and it's pretty much good for ANY and EVERYTHING!  Skin, hair, nails, anti-aging, acne, the uses are endless...I need to get a bottle like yesterday!

It's said to be nature's most potent beauty serum.  It's new to North America, but it's been used traditionally for centuries by the women of Morocco & kept a secret by European women for years.  

Argan Oil is light compared to other oils (that's a great thing for me, cause my skin & hair produce natural oils), and is easily absorbed by hair, skin & nails. It's extremely rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, which are vital for healthy, glowing skin. However, Argan is not just for those with dry skin. Any skin problem, such as psoriasis and acne (BINGO!), will benefit from its healing properties. It is also full of potent anti-aging properties and visibly diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, making skin supple, soft and clear.

I'm definitely sold on it...I need to get some in my life, cause my acne, it's on & off & I love my hair, it just grows SO SLOW, UGH!  If it were to grow longer, faster, that would be great...cause the thickness is ON POINT!  I did read that it's not as cheap as other oils, only because the process to produce it is labour intensive, BUT I'm sure that it's worth it, because a little drop goes a LONG way!

If you wanna know anymore about this miraculous oil, visit Argan Oil Shop....there's TONS more, great info there!


Laura M said...

i love tht oil i use the argan oil deep conditioner it smells so good!!

mecca said...

Try Moroccan Oil and Ojon products. I love them both.

Chay Chay said...

Like I said, I see that I'm REALLY late on this lol...
OOOOOH I LOVED deep conditioners girl, and yeah I've heard of Moroccan and JoJoba as well...they all seem to be GREAT for you in some way!

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