Wednesday, June 1, 2011

MY NEW TITLE: The Dallas Accessories Examiner

thank GOD for AWESOME friends! ALWAYS on the lookout, I am SO blessed!
A HUGE shout out to my girl Ms. Jenn Boo....she KNOWS how much I like to write, how much I LOVE to blog, and I'm just a TOTAL social butterfly, and being that I'm a mass communications major, she DEFINITELY thought of me with this blessing!
I got a post on my Facebook wall from Ms. Jenn Bunny, from a position posted on CareerBuilder, as an accessories writer for The Dallas Examiner & I didn't think much of it, but WHAT THE HEY, I applied!
I turned in one of my blog postings from Mizz Scoop, nothing fancy, just writing from the heart, being my fun self, nice pics to go along with it....and that was that!
WEEEEEELL two days later, I got a CONGRATULATIONS email stating that I was 
The NEWEST Dallas Accessories Examiner : )
I was so excited, y'all have NO idea!  FINALLY putting my degree that my dad HAPPILY paid for, to use! And in a way that I'll enjoy and have fun with, WHOO HOO!!!
I'll be posting as many articles as I can, I'll try for AT LEAST 3 a week...and if y'all want me to write about something, just hit me up, I will GLADLY do that : )
CHECK ME OUT, my FIRST article, PUBLISHED article...

Summer is here: Time to get hot

Let me know what you think, and I thank y'all ALL for your support!


blissfully numb said...

congratulations on the new title!!! Very excited for you!!

A Day in Jenn's Shoes said...

that's awesome!!! Congrats!!!

Jen S. said...

OMG congrats girl!!!! That is so awesome!!!!!



Congrats on your first article! Can't wait to see more!


Chay Chay said...

thank you, thank you, thank you you guys...and I MEAN that loves!

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