Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Duke William & Duchess Catherine...A FAIRYTALE!

YES I woke up at around 4 AM CST last Friday for the wedding that EVERYONE had been waiting on.  I'm GLAD I didn't wake up at 3, cause it took damn near an hour and a half for them to show all the guests, talk about the building up to the big day, just EVERYTHING!  I honestly felt like I was watching a Cinderella story, I ALMOST shed a happy was just so ROMANTICALLY BEAUTIFUL!  I didn't see not ONE thing wrong with that wedding, just whimsical, every little girl's dream!  

Side Note(s): I LOVED the neckline of Catherine's, yet classy...just enough showing.  And the girl had on a tiara made of PURE diamonds, how AWESOME is that?!  and BTW, I think Harry is a freakin' CUTIE, MUCH cuter than William, and William is cute, but that balding at that top LoL *smh*

thanks to YOU

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