Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ALL GOOD Social Networks Must Come To An End : (

I can't BELIEVE the day has come...
i DELETED my Twitter page and DEACTIVATED my Facebook page (this is my 2nd time LoL!)
I didn't COMPLETELY delete my Facebook account, because I have so many GREAT pictures that I'm tagged in, so many memories.  The LAST time I deactivated my Facebook page, I ended up just COMPLETELY deleting it, and then getting back on like a week later, LoL! So, just a deactivation this time.  Twitter is ALL gone, all like 1,070 something followers are NO MORE, 60,000+ Tweets, BYE BYE!

The reason behind this?!
A triflin', sorry a**, ignorant, scum of the Earth ex-boyfriend, he put the icing on the cake...I'm just really kinda sick of the messiness, the drama, the "he say, she say", the fakeness, perpetrators GALORE on there, and really, it's just TOO easy for people to use stuff against you, steal pics, be conniving, blackmail ya ass, just be plain DIRTY...I SWEAR:

all I need is my blogs, my babies...

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