Thursday, December 2, 2010

All I Want For Christmas...

I think it'll be a GREAT workout and I can get my dance moves together for the club...LMAO!
but FIRST I gotta get the Wii at my PARENT'S house to MY house

I swear, I can't keep a phone for more than 2 years...I mean, I can't help it
I love my Blackberry Storm 2, BUT phones catch my eye like a new pair of shoes

no one loves a sweet smelling scent more than I do....
I also want to get ANOTHER bottle of D&G The One, my ex got that for me last Christmas
and I am in LOVE with it, still have a good bit left.  I MIGHT just go ahead make that a present to myself.

SEE?! That's not a lot to want...RIGHT?!
THE PHONE is my BIGGEST want, and I think I'll just hit up my dad for that =)


Juicy Carter said...

Lmao. I want that Michael Jackson Wii game too. But, first I need a Wii...

Anonymous said...

All of these would make nice gifts. Love your blog.

Chay Chay said...

after I saw that Wii commercial, I was like "I HAVE to have that game!"
And thank you girl, I'm glad you like it, I take pride in blog makes me happy =)

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