Monday, November 22, 2010

Oprah's Favorite Things...a DREAM COME TRUE!!!

It's that time again....OPRAH'S FAVORITE THINGS!

Who was jealous?! Is ME *sigh*
the best surprise EEEEEEEVER!
I missed the 1st half of it last week, but the 2nd half was EVEN BETTER!

Here a pretty nice list of what the audience got today *smh*:

iPad, starting at $499
Scrabble for iPad, $4.99
Ugg Boots, $175
Coach Sofia satchel, $398
Megaschoni embellished tunic $298 and leggings, $260
Hope in a jar by Philosophy -- 2 ounces $38; 4 ounces $60; 8 ounces $105
Nordstrom lingerie, $500 + another $500 for a guest
Herb savor by Prepara, $29.95
Centerville Pie Company's Chicken Pie, $20 .... YUMMY!
Garrett's Special-Limited Favorite Things Tin, $135
Le Creuset Cookware, $599
Miraclebody jeans by Miraclesuit, $110 ... MaMa jeans LoL!
Sophie Jewelry Box from Potter Barn, $179
Jessica Leigh Diamond Earrings by Dana Rebecca Designs, $1,900 .... DAMN! Gift Card, Bing, $100
Williams Sonoma Mini-croissants, $39.95
Talbott Teas, holiday assortment, $150
The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo, $18.95
Illuminations album by Josh Groban, $12.99
Let It Be Me album by Johnny Mathis, $12

A Volkswagon Beetle, 2012 (available in May, 2011)!!!!
talk about....OMG!!!
Oprah is just A-W-E-S-O-M-E....FOR REAL!

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