Monday, November 1, 2010

Celebrities....& their costumes

a few of my Celtic Men...Rondo as Tiger Woods, Big Baby as a, well...Big Baby LoL!
Kevin Garnett, in the orange, as Yo Gabba Gabba, and Paul Pierce as a toad  

Diddy & the kiddos...CLOWNing around!

Diddy's little girl Chance as Minnie Mouse...she's ADORABLE!

Dwayne Wade as Justin Timberlake 
(I thought he looked more like a red-headed Charlie Chaplin *shrugs*)
And Gabrielle Union went REAL original as a schoolgirl....WOMP WOMP!

Jermaine Dupri as a closet hanger...LoL

Kevin Hart w/ his Super Dad!

Paul Wall as...I THINK Howard Stern, I THINK!

the COOLEST costumes to me....
Heidi Klum as a FULLY functioning Superhero
& Seal as one too...they look SO COOL!


Miss.Fortune said...

lol these are hilarious..
lmao at jermaine duprees

but i love heidi klum and seals

Chay Chay said...

JD's was just TOO easy LoL! And he is SO short LoL!
And Heidi & Seal went ALL out girl, as you can see!

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