Friday, October 1, 2010

oh those texts...

is it just ME, or do you love to go back and read old text messages?
I KNOW I'm not the only one who does it
The BEST ones, are those from like that crush, or that boo thang, or that old "one"
I mean emotions flow through you....happy, sad, shocked, embarrassed, bashful
It's crazy how BIG of an impact texting can make, cause ME?! I don't even much
talk on the phone anymore...I'm a "textaholic", I REALLY have a problem.
It's almost a LOT more personal with a text
You can save it, like I do, you can look at it OVER and OVER again
when you're having a bad day, you can go back and look at what that
"special someone", at the time, said to make THAT day AWESOME
It's just SO much in those words on that phone screen...that tiny little phone screen


Afrodeezha said...

It's not just you...I hate though that you lose them when you change phones, unless you text them to an e-mail...was that too much info? LOL

Miss.Stefanie said...

Good texts warm me up but I havent had any of those in a while...

JStar said...

For me when you text you can say what you want to say. Because I write, I am better with writing words than speaking them. It gives me time to make the best response. I lock messages in my phone and refer back to them time and time again. They remind me that I am loved when I am not quite feeling loved at that time...

Chay Chay said...

i love morning texts..."good morning hunny" is the best one! And sometimes it DOES suck, cause you can't feel the tone as you would if it were said...but texts, they are the best!

Stephanie said...

i used to do that as well...makes you feel all warm inside

Chay Chay said...

I FEAR losing them ALL....but I'm not EVEN going to think like that, LOL! Texts, are truly, THE BEST!

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