Friday, August 6, 2010

ATL Housewives "NO MORE" For Lisa Wu

The ATL peaches of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” are losing one of their leading ladies.  This season, which begins in October on Bravo, will be Mrs. Lisa Wu Hartwell's LAST season.  An insider says Hartwell decided to leave the show over “creative differences,” explaining, quote, 
They basically wanted to script elements of Lisa’s life and make her amp up the drama. She wasn’t with that at all.” The source adds, quote,
“Lisa felt like if her real life alone wasn’t enough for the network, then maybe it was time for her to go.” 
Hartwell will not take part in any photos or opening visuals. A source adds, quote, 
“The part where the ladies hold the peaches when the show opens up, she didn’t participate in that shoot.”

Lisa wasn't my favorite anyways, she was messy, but ALWAYS tried to act so innocent like she wasn't.  I can't STAND when people do that.  Works my LAST nerves!  BUT, on a happier note, Best of luck TO HER with her future ventures, I'm SURE she will do well =)



"Haute Girl" said...

I totally agree...wasnt my favourite either...she seemed to
be a bit sneaky ;)

Chay Chay said...

YES GIRL! Like she was on EVERYONE'S side...nooooo, you're not foolin' me Ms. Ma'am! But her little boy is ADORABLE!

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