Sunday, July 18, 2010

What We've ALL Been Waiting For!!!

We ALL do it!  Don't deny it, "YES YOU DO!" LoL!  Text & walking...I mean, I'm text CRAZY! I can't help it, texting is just SO MUCH more convenient than talking on the phone.  And sometimes, I get SO into it, I have to COMPLETELY stop in my tracks and finish up what I'm texting *smh* CRAZY I know LOL! WELL, look what we have here: for you Droid users "Text N' Walk" & for the iPhone users, "Text Vision"! HOW FREAKIN' COOL IS THIS?! The app uses the phone’s camera to keep the image ahead right at the tap of your fingers. it's like RIGHT THERE..COOL BEANS!


Ms. King said...

Oh Lord, now they are really enabling us. SMH

Miss.Fortune said...

lol OMG technology now and days is getting out of control..but i like it

vinoth said...

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Chay Chay said...

this is SO freakin' cool! I mean what else is there REALLY to come out with?

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