Thursday, May 20, 2010

*TearJerker*...Trey Songz-"Yo Side of the Bed" VIDEO PREVIEW

I have been waiting PATIENTLY for this video, OmG!
Just this little preview almost brought a tear to my SENSITIVE ass lol!
the FULL video is set to premiere on May 26th...CAN'T WAIT!


Sage said...


whyyyy treyyy doinnn thisss to meee lolol

this looks like its going to be sooo cute ! ahh cant wait

blissfully numb said...

oh yeah! I am soooooo excited about this video coming out. Kerry and him look good together also but cant wait until the video. Thanks for sharing the sneak peek.

blissfully numb said...

dang, I was so excited about the video that I spelled Keri's name wrong.

T-Charry said...

NOW every time I watch the FULL video...I get that lump in my throat, with my sappy a**, wanting to cry LOL!

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