Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ms. Nicki "HOTT" in XXL

"I don’t have to be a one-dimensional female rapper. Once I put that in perspective, it was like everything just got easier for me, because I no longer wanted to fit in anybody’s box—I just wanted to be Nicki…"



Jordan T. Dilwood said...

Nikki is so on top of her game right now its crazy. follow my blog i will return the love.

Morgan said...

i like ya blog*
(( i'm a new follower ))

its funny cuz you did posts about things i recently did posts of

check me out:

Nefd said...

nikki is always top status

i love this blog a

im going to follow it cause im digging your style its very ill i love it can you please follow me

at im follow you it would be great if you did the same thank you =]

nef d

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