Monday, April 5, 2010

CERTIFIED "Daddy's Girl"

Yup, that's my dad! Ya GOTTA love this guy, well at least I do!
He's a BIG KID at heart, we call each other names, Lame, Loser, Lamolina (his name for me), it's all out of love, LOL!
All the girls in high school would always say "Girl, yo daddy is FINE!" I didn't want to hear that, YUCK lmao!  All the guys thought he was so chill & cool, unlike their dads, LOL!
I can look up to him, I LOVE the long-lasting relationship that he has with my mom, 25 years strong, they are STIIIILL together!  He is the hardest worker I know, and he has a HUGE heart...and NO MATTER WHAT, he NEVER GIVES UP!
yup...that's my dad!
Though I would share this with you guys =)


aimes said...

...I will admit: Your dad is cool. Kept his cool when everybody damn near ran him over at the school when he was sick! lol.

lexxie said...

aww so cute, my dad passed away 7 yrs ago and I miss him oh so much. I love to see father/daughter relationships!

Don said...

I recently read the lyrics to this song and I click onto your blog and was able to enjoy the great song. Thanks. Nothing like the bond between a dad and his daughter.

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