Thursday, March 11, 2010

it's FINALLY here!

My vacay that I won to NYC from Victoria's Secret is about to happen!
My mom & I leave EARLY, EARLY Friday morning & NYC is NOT ready for us...
We're EATING at Nobu 57, we're gonna SHOP everywhere (I wanna go to H&M SO bad!), we're being PAMPERED at the spa, LOVE IT! I mean it's a DREAM COME TRUE!
Y'all KNOW I'm going to take TONS of pics, I'm gonna Tweet like the WHOLE time, and it's going to be AWESOME!  I'mma miss y'all this weekend, I'll be back Sunday.
BE GOOD you guys, MISS YA!


Fashion Wh0re said...

What...Girl CONGRaTS and i hope you have fun!!!

Ms. King said...

OMG!!!!!! that is so effing cool, I really wish I could go with. I'm entering a sweepstakes for a trip to LA, so this gave me hope that maybe I could win someting huge for once in my life.

Hope you and your mom have a great time. Go paint the town red. haha

Stephanie said...

ooooh hope you have a wonderful time and be sure to take a lotta pics!!

J.Ashley said...

Have fun on your trip....great blog

Amandita said...

lucky u =), have fun girl

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