Wednesday, March 31, 2010

1st SOLO: Ms. Nicki Minaj - Massive Attack VIDEO

I mean there are PLENTY of times to see it...LoL!

My thoughts: now AT FIRST I didn't like the song, I mean I don't think I listened to the first 30 seconds of it.
BUT NOW that I see the video, I can actually listen to the WHOLE song...and I LIKE IT!
OF COURSE the whole Barbie/pink/girl theme is THE BEST...I'm gonna try that pink lip TOO!
SIDE NOTE: Sean Garrett needs to put his shirt BACK NOW!


Ms.Pretty said...

YES I seen that booty of if it is fake she still has a amazing body!! Oh we can't forget Ms.Amber pretty self in the pink car..The video was cute.. Follow me on twitter please hun!!

aimes said...

...I enjoyed:

--the dudes twisting their arms.

...I disliked:

--SG's flabby self
--SG's neck roles
--SG's.... uh, period. lol

Nicki's booty BIG!

Don said...

Damn. Nicki Minaj is hurtin' these folks. My Lord. Then, she has Amber Rose featured in the video.

Good ish.

Video kinda reminds me of Rihanna's Hard, a bit. Although not as good as Rihanna song.

Skezerrrr said...
two of my favorite women!!! amber&&nicki! doesnt get any better than that!

xxxx said...

i love the video still dont like the song.. got to love amber rose fine ass ( no homo but very homo) in the video and nikki ass although fake is an ass of all ass.. like damn. i love the green hair on her..

T-Charry said...

GOTTA love Amber & Nikki together...two BFF'S! And Aimes, SG needs to just keep his shirt on, WHOEVER told him he looked good, NO SIR! EPIC FAIL! I'm proud of Ms. Nicki, doing her OWN thing! And her butt is RIDICULOUS!

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