Saturday, February 13, 2010

Romance in the Bedroom

chocolate, red, & soft pink....VERY romantic

pink, brown, & white linens with the BEAUTIFUL iron bed

the soft lilac & the intricate detail on the headboard

the brightness of the hot pink pillows in the dark room

so comfy & "cottage-like" the couch!

soft & serene with the beige all around & hints of soft colors

so DIVA with the red plush headboard & black & white patterns


Tiffany said...

Nice rooms.

Sarai said...

love the black, white and red bedroom =]

Kayvona B said...

Your bed is soooooooo kute lol :)
I think the first look is the best,
def will have to steal some of the look for my room lol

Darling Nikky said...

i love the tiffanys blue bed set!

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