Tuesday, January 5, 2010

i need your HEEEEELLLLP!


Hey y'all!  So as you all know, I have A LOT to accomplish in the 2010 year, and I AM gonna get it done, PLEASE believe!  Well, one of them, I'm gonna need your help on.  I need a new look for my blog.  I mean it is a NEW year, so that means NEW things.  I want something more personal, more related to my blog.  Something more than just my    plain words in my header, ya know?!  I mean sometimes less IS more, but I need just a LITTLE bit more.  So, this is where Y'ALL come in...I LOVE all of y'alls blogs, I really do, so I was wondering if y'all could help me out in re-vamping it.  I'm not tryna pay an arm & a leg either, I just want a NEW look for now.  Email me @ charisw84@gmail.com or just comment on this post PLEASE with any hints, help, or computer "geeks" who can work some magic for me and YOU KNOW I'd greatly appreciate it...THANK YOU GUYS!


Moni @ CL Journal said...


I feel your pain, I'm actually going through templates to try to change, I just changed my photo header, but it's still not as I would like.

As soon as I can get rid of this cold/flu/whatever it is, I'm on the case!

Hope it works out for you!

Oh and Happy New Year!

Ms. King said...

i'm such a computer geek, my computer teachers come to me for help... I wouldn't charge you anything to help you. It's really simple to do a blog layout. You can email me at kking12696@yahoo.com and ask away.

ThinkGoHard said...

Don't pay anyone. Work on it yourself, and make it more you. I started making changes to mine. I'm no computer geek by anymeans but HTML isn't that hard to master if you are patient enough to take the time out and learn. My blog is a working progress but I'm proud of it because everything on it was done by me.

JStar said...

Good luck with that..Wish I could help but it took me forever to find a background layout that worked on my blog lol and I cant remember where I found it...

Steevie Fantastic said...

Hiya..! I wish I could help but most I can do is fancy fonts on photoshop lol! But i know someone who is REEEEEALLY good at doing blog headers and all of that photoshop stuff...she did my one..this is her blog: http://www.eighty-vii.com/
She designed it herself and I don't think she charges that much but you should give her a try!

Anonymous said...

Our Blog Templates have about a hundred different free templates to choose from for all types of blogs. That's a good place to start.


Let me know if I can help with anything.

T-Charry said...

thank you guys for ALL of your help, like this REALLY helped out....I think my FIRST thing to do is get a MacBook this weekend and then TRY and do it myself, but I will take ALL of y'alls advice =)

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