Friday, January 8, 2010

COLORFUL Bling Bling!

I'm not a HUGE Coach fan, but I like their NEW look like A LOT!
LOOK @ how PRetty!
So, I'm likin' the NEW look of Coach, ESPECIALLY the new C's...they look SO MUCH better than the old ones, I mean in MY opinion they look so clean & new & modern.
NOW, Coach has Coach Poppy
These are a few of the pieces above that I found SO eye-catching & brilliantly beautiful!
They make a statement, and y'all KNOW that's whaT I like to do...I see you COACH!


Caramel Cocaine said...

ooh me likey. <3

aimes said...

...if I were your sugar daddy, I'd get you three sets of everythang little mama! lol!

MalibuMara said...

i love it too,
and poppy is my fave its more youthful!

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