Sunday, December 27, 2009

Purple, Gray, & Peep Toe

what woman DOESN'T love to treat themselves to a pedicure?! I mean pretty, soft hands, finished off with a pretty color.  My boss treats the WHOLE company to manicures EVERY week, it's the BEST!  You can't get any better than that.  Of course for this past treatment, A LOT of the women in the office chose reds for the Christmas holiday and I'm not a "red" girl, although it was VERY pretty on the girls.  Other popular ones were gray & purple, whether deep or soft, it all looked REALLY good!  I've seen a lot of those two colors, & black too, good choices...I think I'm gonna go with a deep mauve or violet next time, maybe a charcoal gray.  Be ready for the club when I go, hands all jazzed, knock the look out with a HOT peep-toe, as seen below...AH-HAAAA!

Essie at ShopStyle


Supastarrr said...

those peep toes are boss!

Ms. King said...

luv silver and purple, I wish my boss took me to get a pedicure. and those peep toes are hott, I want to get me a pair of ankle boots too.

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

I LOVE these colors and the peep toes are HAUTE!!! Thanks for this fashion inspiration!

T-Charry said...

those peep toes ARE the "Sugar Honey Iced Tea"!

And purple will DEFINITELY be my next manicure color...

and you're so very welcome!

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