Sunday, December 6, 2009

a change of pace

so, I got a new job you guys, YaY!
I start tomorrow, & I'm SO excited!
Once I get past the first day tomorrow, 
I'll be JUST FINE...
but the only thing is,
 I won't be able to be such a free spirit at this job. 
 I won't be able to blog like I'm used to all day.  
I hate this, cause I'm going to feel SO out of the loop all day,
 but then again, I'm happy that I was blessed with a 
better job, a better paying job @ that.  
Oh! My boss is gay, he's AWESOME, love him already.
he gets the whole office manicures every Monday
and EVERY Wednesday he buys us lunch..WHOO-HOO!
So, NOW, until I get the hang of my routine @ work
I'll be doing all my blogging at night.
I'mma miss you guys, I really am!
Keep me up on what's going on, on your blogs, & don't worry
I'm STILL Mizz Scoop, & I'mma keep all the best coming =)


Anonymous said...

Congrats hon! Yes girl that job will interfere but that paycheck will make up for it. ;)

Elizabeth said...

good luck at your new job! hope it all goes well :)

Supastarrr said...

Congrats!! get that $$$$$$

Lily said...

Congratulations on your new job, sweetie! I hope it works out great for you. That does suck you won't be able to blog as often, but hey it must be the moneyyyy. <--- Nelly line. lol

I want to meet Trey SO badly. Thanks for the encouragement. I hope it happens! I've never felt like this..& it's so weird. lol.

I'll tell you if I ever meet him!

Fashion Wh0re said...

Awww Congrats on the New Job ;)

T-Charry said...

y'all I miss blogging throughout the day SO BAD, I feel SO out of the loop, OmG! So I just "Favorite" a lot of things on Twitter now and call blogging at night my "3rd job" LoL!

And thank you guys for the congrats, I LOVE my new job, OmG!

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