Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday Eye Candy

you KNOW you see this FINENESS that is James Hardy!  You may recognize him as the arm candy of Ms. Toya Carter (Lil' Wayne's ex-wife, Tiny & Toya Show).  He ALSO plays for the Buffalo Bills.  I was over at Necole Bitchie, she is just AWESOME, and she is reporting that this SEX-AY thang may be as single as they come now...ladies, PICK YOUR JAW UP, LoL!
BTW...the pics were taken by the GREAT photographer Rob Ector


Neesh B Fly said...

He is SEXYYYY....

Anonymous said...

He looks good in the pictures. I might have to rewatch that episode of Tiny & Toya because I think I missed it the first time around.

T-Charry said...

that tattoo & smile are KILLER!
and Adrienne he was on the LASt episode, when they went on a blind date....they were SO cute!

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