Friday, November 6, 2009

SJP covers Elle Mag

December 2009


Katlynne LaSalle said...

DAMN! She looks fabulous!

Love what you do here, T-Charry, and guess what, I gave you the Honest Scrap award, too!

You are the Bomb!

T-Charry said...

doesn't she?! Some people think she looks like a witch, but I think she's pretty and I LOVE her fashion sense!

I saw my Honest Scrap Award, thank you SO SO much....I try, yes I do try =)

Anonymous said...

im not really deelin the second picture..sumthin about her face is too tight, but the outfit & shoes is hott.

yeah im wierd lyk i like to be in the dark when i am asleep but i gotta have the door open and stuff untill i fall asleep & my moms closes it lol.

My said...

I LOVE SJP. Ever since Square Pegs. (I'm telling my age now) :)

tha Hotness Blog

T-Charry said...

yeah, I DEFINITELY like the cover pic better...and YES when I was living with my parents, I used to leave the light on, and my mom OR dad would come in and turn it off for me, LoL!

And yeah, I have NO idea what Square Pegs is, LoL!

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