Thursday, November 5, 2009

i can FEEL the love!

awwww, I can TOTALLY feel the love in this room!
Da~Kween said that I am "one of [her]fave places to read what's popping in fashion, tv, movies, life, etc. AND she gave me the "Honest Scrap" Award! SHE ROCKS, like FOR REAL...GO check her out!

So, I wanna thank ALL of my loyal followers, you all are like a 3rd family to me, LoL! Also Tasha a.k.a. @tee_baby, my girl, she was the first person to inspire me to blog, like for real, LoL! Without y'all, I would be NOTHING *grabbing the tissue*

NOW a little bit MORE about me:
1.  I HATE for people to sit on my bed and NOT fix it when they get up
2.  women who wear stockings/panyhose with open-toed shoes are WACK!
3.  I have like 3 "girl crushes", hehehehe ; )
4.  I frequent strip clubs with my boys or cousins, or WHOEVER...
5.  polo shirts & a good lookin' hair cut turns me ON!
6.  I have a HUGE crush on Paul Walker
7.  I one day DREAM to represent some of the BIGGEST celebs, I think promoting is my passion
8.  I am a HUGE Daddy's Girl...spoiled rotten!
9.  If I could go back to school, I would PROBABLY major in secondary or elementary education
10.  I dream ALOT about what is in store for me, even though I'm 25...I have ALOT to do

Now...on to MY nominations, & they are THE BOMB!
1. My Downlow Life (LOVE HER!)
2. Curvaceous In The City she's a beautiful person
3. FCUK HOLLYWOOD she keeps it SO real
4. A Hit of Caramel Cocaine speaks the truth & she's not afraid to do it
5. Lost In Brook Lynne speaks what everyone else doesn't
6. KMP Blog a HUGE help with EVERYTHING
7. *Almost Famous* their opinion is entertaining, I LOVE IT!

thank you AGAIN...aaaaahhh!


KMP Blog (Keep Me Posted) said...

Awww! I feel kinda honored! Thanks! I feel the love too! :)


Arie Rich

Da_Kween said...

Ok, if you got the other one, delete it...this browser just straight jacked my comment! LOL

I was SAYING *lol* that I hate for people to be on my bed PERIOD! I believe my personal and most vulnerable energies rest there and don't want other booties in it or on it unless it's a baby or a man. LOL

Paul IS fine and so is dude from Step it Up! Keep having fun over works!

T-Charry said...

@ KMP You're VERY welcome


Da_Kween....girl, it just makes my whole room look just unorganized and messy, Ugh! GO sit in a chair in the den, LoL!

Tatum Channing, yes he is FINE too!


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