Monday, November 23, 2009

2009 American Music Awards Performances

Rihanna - "Wait Is Ova" & "Hard" (No Jeezy)

...was that a REAL tattoo going down Rihanna's neck?! If so, I wouldn't be surprised

Janet Jackson - a lot of her hits INCLUDING her new joint "Make Me"

Janet! You STILL & will ALWAYS have it girl!

Jennifer Lopez - "Louboutins"

ok so, YEAH! she busted her ass...RIGHT @ the 3:05 mark, tryna jump off people & s**t, LoL!

Alicia Keys - "Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart"

A. Keys is THIIIIICK! Look @ those thighs...


Neesh B Fly said...

Jlo performance was funny!!! and yeah i think thats a real tat but i'm not sure but she was saying she was gettin a new one so idk and alicia keys was OK!! Gaga killed all the performances to me she was the best everybody else was half steppin

the.kisser said...

@ jlo, a wardrobe change mid performance is not always a goos look.
@rhianna, the tats are starting to look ridic. itme for a reality check.


Alyrical said...

Yea Keys is getting thick, but she always oes up an down...i love this to be one of my top favorites by her!

Supastarrr said...

i loved Janet's performance!

MalibuMara said...

haha i was laughing at jlo and that tat isnt real she didnt arrive with it.

T-Charry said...

like I sad...Keys has ALWAYS had up & downs with her weight, but it was REALLY evident with those tights she had on, LoL! Nothin' wrong with a little thickness...JLO falling was HILARIOUS, lmao! And Janet, i LOVE her! she's GORGEOUS!

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