Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Usher on #6

I was @ work listening to 97.9 The Beat's Vida Loca, with her crazy a** yesterday, and the "Delete or Download" song for the day was Usher's new LEAKED song "Papers"(listen here), written & produced by Sean Garrett & Zaythoven. It was a definite DOWNLOAD, I mean clearly by the title "Papers" he does mean DIVORCE PAPERS between himself & Ms. Tamika. Usher's just speakin' the truth, speakin' his mind, LoL!

According to Rolling Stone, the new song "Papers" comes from his upcoming album titled Monster OR Raymond vs. Raymond, depending on the source. This album will be his sixth album, and certain hip hop sources have stated that it's to be released at some point in December, and I CAN'T WAIT!

FYI, I read on ConcreteLoop that "Papers" was written MONTHS before usher announced that he was filing for divorce...WoW!

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