Friday, October 30, 2009

Stars for HALLOWEEN (too funny)

Tyra Banks as Kim Kardashian...the hair & her stance are DEAD ON!

Ellen as the cover of O Magazine...Ellen cracks me UP, LoL!

Spencer & Heidi Pratt as "Jon & Kate Plus 8"...Heidi looks JUST like Kate, OmG!

Rachael Ray as Dorothy of The Wizard of Oz & Nick Lachey as Elvis Presley, The King


Confessionelle said...

That's cute!! I love Tyra!

Supastarrr said...

tyra is DEAD ON. lmao @ ellen. no comment on spiedi. && rachel looks adorable =]

xxxx said...

lol no like i thought tyra was kym until i seen ur comment under the photo.. she did that well... ellen is a fool... i love her and i wont lie heidi and spencer actually made me like them just now

T-Charry said...

I love, love, love Ellen...she always makes me laugh...and honestly, YES, Speidi DID make me like them just a LITTLE bit more with their costume, it's so REAL, LoL! And Rachael Ray's costume was PERFECT for her!

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