Friday, October 23, 2009

New York Times IS "Precious"

Monique looks GREAT! Even though she DID always bash "skinny b****es"...And I can't WAIT to see this movie, I KNOW I'm going to cry...

pics courtesy of Black Gay Gossip


Tamstyles said...

I cant wait to see this..I cant wait, cant wait, cant wait. Mo does look good. I think she wanted to be slim for her show. We watch every night as her a$$ screams up a storm.

T-Charry said...

I think she looks GREAT, like I said, but it's funny to me that she always talked about "skinny b****es" and how she LOVED being a big woman, but she goes and gets the surgery to be...well, skinny. That's just my thoughts...but anyways, as far as her show, she screams SO MUCH, my mom & I can't even watch it, LoL!

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