Monday, October 26, 2009

lil' SNEAK PEAK @ Chris Breezy

here's a little snippet of Chris Brown's MUCH ANTICIPATED video "I Can Transform Ya", directed by one of the best, Joseph Kahn, from his MUCH ANTICIPATED album "Graffiti" set to hit stores 12.15.09...I can not WAIT!

the FULL video will be premiering tomorrow, October 27th @ 5 AM CST on MTV Jams....DAMN that's early, LoL!


ms. downlow said...

Very impressive special effects!

I love Chris Brown's work--he can sing his a** off, and I think he showed promise as an actor in This Christmas. He deserves a second chance.

Anonymous said...

OMG- I'm at and COMPLETELY overwhelmed! Thank you :) I hope I find something too!! I'm going on a trip for Thanksgiving and like freaking out about buying stuff! You are fabulous :) Sorry to hear about your grandmother, I'll be lifting your family up in prayer! Xo

Anonymous said...

I'm getting these. Thank you!!!

T-Charry said...

@ Ms. Downlow...I saw the video tonight & I liked it alot. And yes, THANK YOU, he does deserve a 2nd chance. Ok, YES, it's not right to hit a woman, BUT we only know ONE side of the story, POINT BLANK...SO, Chris (cutie) I wish you the BEST of luck!

@ Emma...I told you, it was THE BEST girl! no, YOU are fabulous, and thank you for your prayers, we'll be fine, I just KNOW it, it's just gonna take time. And the boots you picked out, good pick, I have some in black, THE BEST!

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