Monday, September 28, 2009

My VOW, to him, THROUGH her

So, i was up LATE last night & I could NOT stop thinking about Oprah's show that I DVRed about two weeks ago, of COURSE she was making some one's dream come true. It was the sweetest thing EVER, and I know for those lucky guests, it was such an AMAZING feeling. I was crying like a baby on the couch, LoL! I'm such a baby...yes I KNOW!

So, this brings me to my boo, my "dream boo" Mr. Ray Allen, if ANYONE knows me, I have been in love with this man since I saw him in MY FAVORITE MOVIE EVER , back in 1998,
"He Got Game". He played Jesus Shuttlesworth, a high school basketball prodigy, struggling with a relationship with his father and what to do as far as his basketball career goes. The movie was awesome, I don't care what ANYONE says, ok wait, I'm getting off the subject.

So, after that day, I did everything like him & his movie character Jesus, LoL!...I wore rubber bands around my wrist, I wanted to go to UCONN so bad, because that's where Ray Allen attended school, I used the word "hops" to refer to jumping high in the game of basketball, OH, I chewed Doublemint gum, I mean it was ridiculous, and I associated alot with the #34, because that was his number, LOL!! First my team was the Milwaukee Bucks, before that was the Minnesota Timberwolves, but he got traded right away and that didn't count for me, then he went to the Seattle SuperSonics, so they were my fave, and THEN he went to MY FAVE TEAM TODAY: The Boston Celtics! Wherever HE goes, that's where I better believe! (And I JUST found out that he has border-line OCD JUST LIKE ME, man, that's craZy!)

Now, FINALLY to my point, starting today, I'm going to write a letter to THE GREAT Oprah Winfrey EVERYDAY to confess my love for Ray Allen & HOW BAD I want to meet him AND would LOVE to just hug the crap out of him, shake his hand, ANYTHING to see that beautiful smile of his (and YES I know he's married people). It may take FOREVER, but I VOW to meet him, I do, it's a dream of mine and dreams DO come true people...SO wish me luck, OmG!

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