Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Kells" is like, it's whatever...

So, I was talking to my baby the other night, he's a singer himself, and he suggested that I see what the deal is on R. Kelly's new album and when the world should expect it.

Of course, I do my thing, Google it, and MTV's article about it pops right on up.

So, I read that last year, he did announce that he was planning on calling his LP 12 Play: Fourth Quarter...since that announcement, things have changed, and he decided to go a different route.

Kelly was in ATL, @ The Velvet Room (love that place, GREAT TIMES), this is in February might I add, and he goes to the mic. The place is already going crazy for him, especially the ladies, DUH!....

"I'm out here working on the mutha----in' album. I'm working on a new album and I'm calling that mutha----a Untitled. Y'all call it what y'all want."

Well there ya go....LOL!

As far as when the album will be released, didn't get to that...I don't think there's one as of yet.

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