Monday, August 24, 2009

"Beauty is Pain"...well for some people

the FIRST time I went, the pain wasn't you can see, you have to hold your eye closed with one hand and lift the eyebrow with the other. So, while your eyebrows are getting threaded, your eyes will water, well at least mine did. I got out of the chair looking like a raccoon, LOL! I had mascara on and it ran really bad...WELL, I found a NEW location, and they are the BEST! It's called Heena Boutique, it's in Richardson, at 75 & Beltine in the Indian shopping center, and she was the fastest and least painful threader I've been to, and I'm a sensitive cry baby! And THEN, it was only $4, and it took MAYBE 2 minutes!!! Everywhere else it's between $10-$12, so that was GREAT (even though my first time there was a birthday present, so I didn't pay). I think that EVERY woman should try threading, it "makes" your face, I mean you look like a new person and your eyebrows are GORGEOUS!

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