Sunday, March 8, 2009

i was DEEPLY saddened, BUT...

GO T.O.!!!
Ok, so he's not a Cowboy anymore, and I was seriously sick to my stomach, but the boy is already back on it, and signed to a team, the Buffalo Bills (such a boring city)...I know y'all didn't think it was gonna take long, HELLLLL NO, he's T.O.! I am SO happy for him and I did notice that the night that they announced his "split" from Jerry Jones and MY Dallas Cowboys, it was almost like the man died, LMAO! I mean he was EVERYWHERE! AND I noticed there was ALOT of trash-talking on Facebook, which I paid NO mind to, and just because all that talking was going on, I have the BEST feeling that T.O. and my Cowboys are BOTH gonna shine so brightly this upcoming season. JUST WATCH, I can't WAIT!

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