Monday, February 2, 2009

Let's start it off RIGHT!

It has already started off AMAZINGLY! Because our 44th President, Mr. Barack Obama is BLACK! Everytime I think about the months that led up to that moment, I get teary-eyed, LOL! So, here's the deal, Starz in Black will be celebrating Black History Month with an EXTREMELY powerful short film (I watched it at work and cried like 3 times, LOL) called "The Day of Change". Celebrities, 25 African-American celebrities to be exact, will relive one of America's most historic days, one of the best days of MY life personally, Election Day, 11-4-08!

"The Day Of Change" aired Feb. 1st at 7:30pm ET/PT, and will play throughout the rest of February for Black History Month...just a beautiful thang :)

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