Tuesday, January 27, 2009

She was ALWAYS my favorite!

So, yes, it's official, Diddy HAS broken up the group that we know as Danity Kane...I heard about this, this morning from my fave gossip girl, Mr. Gary, with The Tea on 97.9 The Beat, but anyways as he says, "that's neither here nor there..."

My girl, Ms. D. Woods is steppin' out on her own, and HAS been since Diddy's retarted a** kicked her out of the group...not a good look at all. She has been in the studio working on several projects since October, including a mixtape titled "Independence Day"...her first SINGLE is expected to drop soon...

peep more of the story here...

Pish Posh to Diddy =p

(shouts out to L.O.L. Book Club) !!!!!

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