Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Does he have a heart?

So, I was watching one of my all-time fave show last night, The Hills, the finale at that, and it was pretty good, pretty emotional. When Heidi and LC saw each other at that party, yes it was AWKWARD, but when Heidi started opening up to LC it was a good moment to me. I could tell that she really missed LC, I mean those tears were real. Deep down inside, she knows that Spencer HAS driven everyone away from her, I mean EVERYONE, and it's not a good look. I mean to hurt your mom like that, or to just blatanly ignore what she is saying, I mean that is wrong. This is the woman who RAISED you, she knows, TRUST! That moment was MUCH needed between them two, Heidi & LC.....THEN the court marriage, OMG! I held my breath when Spencer stopped the ceremony, I couldnt believe that he was actually looking at the situation as a whole and just that it wasn't a good thing to do. He actually thought of someone besides himself, that was a HUGE step for him! Maybe there is a beating heart in Spencer, LOL!

Side-note: Did you notice how beet red Heidi was when she walked in that courtroom?!
Also, why doesn't Spencer shave that God awful mountain man beard off?! It looks horrible, YUCK!

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